Legal Resolutions With Compassion and Understanding

Asserting Your Interests In And Out Of Court

If you do not have a strong legal background, it can be challenging to make sense of insurance agreements, real estate contracts and other critical documents. Signing a contract or agreeing to an insurance payout without understanding its terms is legally and financially risky.

Before you enter an agreement, talk to me about your concerns. I am attorney Liz R. Fariñas, and I am equipped to advise you on contract matters and defend your interests in civil litigation. Throughout Miami-Dade County, I am known for my hands-on approach and ability to resolve difficult problems.

Real Estate Representation

Buying, selling and renting property in Florida is a complex task even if you have closed a deal in the past. It is easy to make a costly mistake that can affect your finances for years. I have a strong understanding of local and state real estate laws and procedures.

I can help you make sense of confusing contracts and complicated processes. I offer a comprehensive range of real estate services that include:

  • Representing buyers or sellers throughout the transaction
  • Litigating real estate contract disputes
  • Preparing closing documents
  • Reviewing renter’s agreements
  • Drafting, reviewing and revising buy/sell agreements
  • Representing homeowners in challenging city or county variances

Real estate legal problems can cause financial and emotional strain if they are not handled efficiently and effectively. You can rely on me to resolve your matter as promptly as possible.

Car Accident Claims

Although all Florida drivers are required to remain current on their insurance, you may struggle to pay medical bills and autobody repairs using settlements from your personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL) policies. Your insurance company may slow-walk your settlement or refuse to offer a fair payout.

Turn to me for skilled representation with motor vehicle accident claims involving:

  • Uninsured drivers
  • Underinsured drivers
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Catastrophic motor vehicle collisions

I can help you level the field when your insurance provider or a third-party insurer is not treating you with the respect you deserve. I am familiar with the tactics that claim adjusters use to limit settlements. I will aggressively pursue the outcome you deserve.

You do not need to face the claims process alone. As your lawyer, I will remain by your side throughout your case. I am here and ready to help.

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